Graham Walters

Twenty-Fourteen - January is coming to a close

January is coming to a close so I thought I’d write-up a little post. Twenty-Fourteen has started out great and I have been busy working on the following:

  • I've configured a new server including all the web, email, and security services.
  • I've migrated all of my and my clients sites over to the new server.
  • I've been learning LESS “The dynamic stylesheet language” to help speed up website development.
  • I've configured a Ghost install, which I'll be using to teach myself some Node.js while building custom themes.

Ghost is a new blogging platform which is still in beta, and I’m very excited about this because I hope to learn Node.js while Ghost matures. Also, I’ve been meaning to learn a PHP framework for some time now, so I’ve decided I’ll be investing some time in learning the Phalcon PHP framework.

As well as improving my development skills, I will be devoting a bunch of my time to my photography. My photography has come last for far too long, and if I’m honest my old computer is to blame for this. I wasn’t able to edit my photos very well as the machine would struggle to load my Aperture library, and editing my photographs was sluggish, so I avoided taking photos as editing them was a pain. With my new computer I hope to get back into taking photos on a regular basis, and I hope to setup a gallery on here to showcase them.

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