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The Transition to Disqus

I’ve been using Disqus on this site for a little over two months now, so thought I’d write a short post on why I moved over and how the change has affected the site.

I’ve been debating moving a way from WordPress for some time now, and so I wanted to get out in front of the comments system before it became a problem. I didn’t want to accumulate a bunch of comments and then have to worry about moving them over to a new system when the time came. By using Disqus, all I’ll need to do is embed the javascript on the new site, and my comments will show up. Also, Disqus run their own spam checks so I don’t have to waist time checking new comments.

The transition was quick, easy, and painless. I set up an account and installed their WordPress plugin, and I was up and running. During setup there is an option to import your current comments, but at the time the site didn’t have any.

I can happily say that over the past two months my site has received eight legitimate comments, and I believe those comments have had a positive effect on the number of visits my site has received.